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About The Owner:

Like many successful young entrepreneurs before him, Brandon Keim’s business idea came to him in his college dorm room. A current student attending Montana State University, in the College of Business.

Brandon was born and raised in Bozeman Montana. Brandon originally went to Rocky Mountain College in Billings to play football. But he soon realized that he could not pursue the sport in addition to his other interests, and was forced to make a choice.

“I had to decide whether I wanted to stick with my passion and go with this idea or do what I’ve done since I was little and play football, I went with my gut feeling and it’s paid off.”

Brandon plans to grow his business while keeping it running in the roots of Montana. 

Our Goal:

The goal at Pallet Art Creations is to achieve complete customer satisfaction!

It all starts as soon as you, the customer gets in touch with us. We are striving to give you the best customer service you have ever had. We be sure to treat the customer with respect. We strive to get the finished product finished in your hands within the week. Although during the months of November and December we do get a large volume of orders to come through, due to the holiday season. That being said plan accordingly.

The over all experience with us should be simple, fast and enjoyable.

About The Craftsmanship:

The attention to detail and design is a must on every piece for us. We be sure to add that special touch to every piece.

We especially pay attention to the where the lines are going through. By being careful and making measurements, we insure you that no major features are cut through. 

All products can come in one of two finishes, either matte or glossy.

Also, the finished product comes ready to hang.

About Us:

© 2017 by PALLET ART CREATIONS | Bozeman, MT 59718 | (406) 580-3392)

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